New step forward in the investigation related to the deal on the procurement of portable toilets in emergency Aquila. A few months ago the news of Bertolaso investigated for abuse of office by prosecutors in Rome for the contract to Sebach, now the conclusion of the investigation of the section Aquila investigation: these days the prosecutor Antonietta Picardi closed the preliminary investigations, conducted by the squad of the police Aquila. Investigate some people: Marta Dainelli 45 years of Vinci, a resident of San Gimignano, a former director of the company Sebach; Galieni Cristina, 38, Empoli, resident in Certaldo, at the material time sales manager of the same company; Sonia Morelli, 37, she Empoli, resident in Certaldo: the accusation is false material committed by private and fraud in public supplies.

"The Ati Sebach - Marcello Ianni writes about" the messenger "citing a statement of the police - using affiliated companies, did result in a number of cleaning the toilets greater than those actually made in the various fields in the post earthquake, in relation to the time requirements calculated for the conduct of operations. "Surveys and stalking men mobile era led by Salvatore Gava, had found that in April 2009, instead of the required 4,000 bathrooms, it had been provided only by Sebach 1824, while the remaining 2,178 were provided by 31 subcontractors despite the subcontract was not stipulated in the contract with the Civil Defence. Moreover, according to investigators there would be enough time to do the 4 cleanings per day for each bathroom, as required by the Civil Defence. L'affaire chemical baths during the emergency Aquila led to an expenditure of 34 million euro: the Civil Defence would have paid for a service so that every guest of the tent city could produce up to 100 liters of liquid and solid manure. Per day, of course.

(in the picture: angelo venti

translation: simona impagnatiello)